AVID Integrated

Hi there. We are AVID (Audio, Video, Industrial Design) – Integrated, a company specialising in animation for products.

AVID Integrated was formed in 2014 in Sydney, Australia before relocating to the Sunshine Coast, QLD. We are two individuals, doing what we love – creating! And we’re supported by a team of experts in various areas of animation. We believe in the transformative power of animation and it’s ability to simplify communication, elevate experiences, engage and inspire. Let’s create something awesome together!
Will & Keren Godfrey

Will Godfrey

Will Godfrey is an industrial designer & animator. After graduating from the University of Nottingham, UK with a 1st Class Honours Masters of Engineering. Moving to Sydney, Australia, Will worked in two fast paced industrial design consultancies, designing a range of products in point of sale, medical, consumer, sports and electronics industries.

In 2014, Will formed AVID Integrated bringing together his industrial design, animation and audio skills.

Keren Godfrey
Marketing & Sales

Keren is an experienced business owner in her own right. She founded and continues to run Go Seek! As well as this, she assists with marketing and sales for AVID Integrated as well as frequently consulting on projects with her keen eye for detail and objective approach.


We create modern animations and corporate videos to enhance your digital presence.


We can make use of your CAD models or start from basic designs and sketches. We understand complex assemblies without need for explanation – allowing us to dissect your product and present it in a clear and bold manner to your clients and customers.


Our animations explain the operation, benefits and/or assembly of your product. We specialize in high-quality technical animations which boost sales of your products.


Delivering the expected results within a required means helps us in growing up with the huge clientele base for your organization.


We are always happy to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) before starting any project. If you don’t have an NDA we can provide you with one that you can customize to suit your needs.


We use up-to-date software and techniques. With these tools and skills we can provide high-quality animations with a great price/quality ratio.


Because of our technical background and many years of experience with complex projects for the technical industries, we can assure you that we will succeed in realizing your technical animation without any problems.


We calculate all animations ourselves, onour own servers. This means that your 3D CAD models will not be sent to other servers “in the cloud”. Your data will not leave our premises.


  • Explainer Videos (2D)
  • Product ShowcaseTechnical Animations (components of technical drawings or diagrams that describe and explain their subjects to the buyer audience.)
  • Product AnimationsProcess Animations
  • Installation/Assembly AnimationsStill images of your products using CAD exported files. Visuals for a product showcase, print advertising, Brochure printing, web and social media.
  • Product RenderingInterior/Exterior and Architectural Rendering
  • Fluid AnimationsDetailing in every angle of your product visualized in the latest 360° product display on social media and e commerce
  • Product 360°