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AVID Integrated - 3D Product Animation

Instructional/assembly and advertising/marketing videos

Elevate your product’s market presence with AVID Integrated’s cutting-edge 3D animation services. We specialize in creating high-impact instructional, assembly, and marketing videos that ensure your product stands out. Our animations offer a pristine presentation free from real-world imperfections, enabling a captivating showcase of your product’s features and benefits. Utilize our expertise in exploded views, dynamic changes, and special effects to highlight your product’s unique selling points without any physical limitations. Dive into a world where your product is the star, captivating your audience and driving competitive advantage.

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Discover AVID Integrated: Where Animation Meets Innovation

At AVID Integrated, we harness the power of animation to transform your communication strategy, making complex ideas accessible and engaging. Our complete suite of animation services, from storyboards to voice-overs and real-life footage, is designed to bring your product’s story to life. With our roots in industrial design, we offer unparalleled insight into your product’s journey from concept to consumer. Our animations not only showcase your product’s features and benefits from multiple perspectives but also highlight its design, engineering, and usability, ensuring your message resonates with clients and customers alike.


of all internet traffic is video.


lead conversion increase when using video.


of mobile viewers share videos.

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About Our Services



Our team combines over a decade of expertise in industrial/product design with a broad skill set in animation. We deliver both 3D photo-realistic and 2D cartoon/explainer animations, alongside design, CAD modeling, and comprehensive audio production services.


Choose AVID Integrated for cutting-edge video content in today’s fastest-growing digital medium. We democratize photo-realistic animation, once exclusive to high-budget projects, offering both affordability and exceptional quality.


Our animations are crafted for demonstrations, sales, and instructional use, focusing on key features to boost customer engagement effectively.



At AVID Integrated, we excel in showcasing your product’s advantages, ensuring clear, professional, and impactful presentation to your audience.

Animation brings products to life

Modern, photo-realistic animations enhance your digital presence and bring your products to life.

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For a hassle-free, turn-key animation service. Get in touch to discuss your needs and to talk you through the process, how it works and what you can expect from us.


Our process begins with a deep dive into your product, leveraging a sample to understand its mechanics and essential features for animation. We efficiently utilize CAD models or craft detailed 3D models from the ground up to accurately represent your product.


We’re equipped to deliver bespoke animations that align with your vision, whether it’s a cinematic masterpiece or a technical showcase, always mindful of your budget.


Our commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technology ensures our animations are of unmatched photo-realistic quality.


For a comprehensive discussion on your project, including the workflow, expectations, and contributions, we’re available for in-person or digital meetings via Zoom/Skype.


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