AVID Integrated is a product & service video animation company. We specialise in clearly communicating your product and it’s benefits to your customers with affordable and high quality animated videos.

Our approach and innate understanding of products provides you with a hassle free service. We have offices in Sydney and the Sunshine Coast.


It is imperative that the benefits of your products are clearly communicated to your potential customers and clients. at AVID Integrated, we have the skills to understand your product & it's benefits, and how to effectively & professionally present them to your target audience.

3D, 2D, Design, Modelling, Audio

Our team is composed of people from multiple disciplines. We have a varied skill base rooted in Product Design. Whilst design and communication is the core of this discipline, the field promotes a hugely varied skill base and as such we can cover both 3D and 2D animation needs as well as design, CAD modelling of objects etc and music/voice-over needs.

Staying Competitive

Stay ahead of the competition with the most rapidly growing sector of the internet - video. Where animation used to be charged at a premium rate, at even low costs, we can produce high quality videos. Our videos can be tailored to your budget and suited to any need and industry. Get in touch to discuss your needs!

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